Ogilvy Group Digital Innovation Lab
Interview: Nicole is ‘genuinely creative’ because she makes ‘stuff happen, often from nothing’

Nicole Yershon cut her teeth at GGT, working for advertising legend, author and D&AD Presidents Award winner Dave Trott. During that time, Campaign Magazine voted GGT its ‘Agency of the Year’, while Ad Age named it the ‘Most Creative Agency in the World’. Dave wrote of Nicole that she is ‘genuinely creative’ because she makes ‘stuff happen, often from nothing’. In March 2008, she took a job whose success – or not – would be down to those skills. Nicole founded the Ogilvy & Mather UK Group Digital Innovation Lab.

Nicole Yershon
Director Innovative Solutions, Ogilvy UK

In 2000, with a brief from the Chairman to “bring the agency into the 21st century”, Nicole joined Ogilvy London where she now works as the Director of Innovative Solutions. Nicole’s first four years with Ogilvy saw her overhaul the agency’s broadcast and video-editing capabilities; taking them from analogue to digital, with the creation of RedWorks Broadcast. Ogilvy London now leads the agency’s global network in the management and broadcast of digital assets.