Being Customer-centric with your employees
Interview: Being Customer-centric with your employees

In a customer-centric world how important is the happiness of your employees? It could be the key to a successful business but means into investment into an ephemeral concept.

The co-founder and CEO of Anyperk, Taro Fukuyama believes companies can only reach full potential by building unique and rewarding workplace cultures. He met MeetTheBoss TV to explain why he set up his employee perk and recognition firm and how customer centricity is at the heart of what it does.

Taro Fukuyama
Taro Fukuyama
CEO & Co-Founder, Anyperk

Taro is a co-founder and CEO of AnyPerk. He's a Y-combinator graduate and hustled his way to be the first Japanese team ever admitted into YC. He started his first company at Taco-bell parking area. Taro was named among Business Insider's The Silicon Valley top 100 The Coolest People In Tech, The 52 Hottest New Stars in Silicon Valley.