What is the real role of the CIO in transformation?

Why (and how) the cloud can help CIOs close the innovation-execution gap

September 25, 2019 3:00 pm GMT

As a market force for ten years, cloud is now ushering in new markets and evolving to create an even bigger impact. The traditional silos of datacenters and public clouds are giving way to a more unified hybrid cloud model, with high levels of interoperability and common models for management and operation.

This hybrid model is emerging as the new normal for organizations, with nearly two-thirds of the market prioritizing a hybrid cloud strategy and even more, 83%, pursuing consistency of infrastructure between the datacenter and the cloud to drive interoperability and ease migration between environments.

At the same time, cloud is helping to drive innovation in new ways by enhancing edge computing solutions and providing a platform by which branch and distributed environments can be supported.

Organizations are seeing the value of leveraging services from multiple cloud providers as part of a multi-cloud solution. While the promise of this remains high – access to innovation from multiple sources, the flexibility to match the needs of applications to any cloud, broad geographic coverage – significant challenges exist before organizations are able to realize the full potential of a multi-cloud strategy.

While each of these trends are significant on their own, they are forming a powerful confluence of markets that are impacting the enterprise, from further advancements within the datacenter, unified with innovation for the public cloud, combined with the growth in edge computing and the ongoing transformation of the telco infrastructure.

Perhaps most importantly, cloud is forging a stronger, more effective bond between IT and the business, enhancing the way enterprises compete and differentiate themselves through services that open new revenue opportunities, make business operations more efficient, and make employees more effective in the way they serve customers.

Join five senior IT executives and thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to answering one of the most valuable questions in business today: how can the cloud help CIOs close the innovation-execution gap?

Discussion Points

  • Five ways the cloud can help CIOs close the innovation-execution gap
  • How to build a digital foundation that will unlock rapid results through hybrid cloud
  • How to tackle app complexity in a multi-cloud world
Adam Burns
Adam Burns
Editor-in-chief and Presenter at MeetTheBoss TV