Is it possible to operate and secure your multiple clouds as though one cloud?

Removing complexity and enabling agility with the new possibilities of Multicloud

April 30, 2019 10:00 am GMT

Question: what is the biggest cost for enterprise IT? We’d argue it’s complexity. How can you get more from public clouds to drive down your costs? How can you grow capacity with a flat budget when you have so many systems to maintain? How do stay secure with so many systems to patch?

And what about the impact of multicloud?

Multicloud is an operational reality for enterprises moving to the cloud. It’s the recognition that economic, data privacy, application, and latency requirements drive the adoption of more than one cloud across an enterprise’s IT infrastructure. But multiple clouds can add complexity and cost – and you don’t want either.

As enterprises navigate their way from conventional networks to multicloud architectures, they will naturally shift how they approach architectural design, deployment, and operations. The question is how? How can you do it all seamlessly, whilst reducing complexity at every stage? Are there proven, agnostic steps to success and simplicity?

Join five senior finance executives and thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we explore approaches to attaining a secure and automated multicloud environment, looking holistically at the people, process and technology you’ll need to navigate a much brighter – and less complex – future.

Discussion Points

  • Where are you in the migration from datacentre to multicloud?
  • What skills will your team need to build a multicloud for your applications?
  • Proving ROI, securing funding: making the business case for multicloud
  • Is it possible to operate and secure your multiple clouds as though one cloud?
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson
Editor and Presenter at MeetTheBoss TV