Why is the current level of hybrid adoption just 18%?

Hyperconvergence everywhere: removing hybrid and multi-cloud complexity, elevating IT

September 11, 2019 3:00 pm CET

Three facts:

1) CEOs around the world say their No. 1 priority is growth, according to Gartner.

2) Technology is increasingly a strategic enabler for businesses in every industry. IT is essential to deliver and deploy new products and services, to provide actionable insights about customers and operations, and to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

3) According to the 2018 Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index, a study conducted by VansonBourne of over 2,300 global IT decision makers, 91% of companies say that hybrid cloud is the ideal IT model for organisations. This makes sense: IT teams decide where to run a given business application based on factors such as economics, regulatory compliance, performance, availability and the security of the available infrastructure options.

Conclusion: business are counting on IT to help deliver growth, and the hybrid cloud model ticks all the boxes. Which begs one important question… Why is the current level of hybrid adoption just 18%?

To answer this, we should consider that the template for most of the IT infrastructure underpinning businesses today was established in the 1990s. But in the era of cloud, “three-tier” infrastructure no longer keeps up with the pace of modern IT needs.

The challenges organisations face as they look to adopt a hybrid model stem from the complexity of applying a variety of services across multiple clouds, with varying pricing models, and no unified operations model across cloud boundaries. This leads to a lack of cross-cloud interoperability, including orchestration, limited visibility and control over cloud deployments that cause uncontrolled spend and security blind spots.

So, how are you moving towards the ideal IT operating model? Where are you on your journey to hybrid cloud? What are the most important lessons in designing, building, and operating hybrid clouds? We’re dedicating one unique evening to discussing this and many other vital topics.

Join Nutanix and a select group of thought leaders in IT infrastructure and operations for conversation and idea sharing:

1) Explore the enabling power of hyperconverged infrastructure.

2) Challenge current thinking on removing unnecessary complexity in the adoption of cloud.

3) Identify how you can elevate IT within your organisation to drive your business agenda.

Discussion Points

  • Agile infrastructure: how to manage and scale without sacrificing reliability and security?
  • Intelligent operations: how to best manage infrastructure, applications, data and services?
  • Financial flexibility: optimal TCO and pay-as-you-grow?
Sophy Caulier
Sophy Caulier
Freelance Journalist