What is your most effective cloud transformation strategy?

Driving today’s most effective cloud transformation strategy

October 3, 2019 1:00 pm EST

A modern IT paradox: Enterprises are increasingly turning to the cloud to transform their business and achieve a competitive advantage…

Forrester predicted that by 2018 more than 50% of global enterprises would rely on at least one public cloud platform. Today, a hybrid model is emerging as the new normal for organizations, with nearly two-thirds of the market prioritizing a hybrid cloud strategy.

A market force for ten years, cloud is ushering in new markets and evolving to create an even bigger impact, helping to drive innovation in new ways by enhancing edge computing solutions and providing a platform by which branch and distributed environments can be supported.

…But the growing complexity of cloud strategies makes it harder for enterprises to transform their business and achieve a competitive advantage.

* Lack of visibility and analysis into cloud spend and usage, especially across hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

* Loss of control over rapidly growing cloud infrastructure, with a lack of collaboration and accountability across business units and departments.

* IT operations and engineering teams spend too much time managing infrastructure, leaving them with less time to focus on innovation and driving business value.

Join five senior IT executives and thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to sharing best practices for ensuring cross-organizational alignment and efficiently scaling your cloud with your business. And answering the critical question: what is the most effective way to drive your cloud transformation strategy?

Discussion Points

  • What is the most effective cloud transformation strategy?
  • How are you connecting all departments and units to guide/accelerate your cloud journey?
  • Execution, execution, execution: getting the right strategy, team and scale.
Adam Burns
Adam Burns
Editor-in-chief and Presenter at MeetTheBoss TV
Tom Axbey
Industry Expert
Tom Axbey
Vice President of CloudHealth by VMware