How do you manage a rapidly shifting threat landscape to mitigate risk to your business?

Cyber security: managing threats and mitigating risk

September 4, 2019 11:00 am CET

Even for organisations, businesses and governments, a cyberattack is personal. Because in the end, the victims are always human – whether they are the leaders at large enterprises, small-business owners who have been extorted, or a single innocent contact in a massive data dump on the dark web. The cyber arms race does not discriminate or differentiate. If a network, identity, device or data is valuable – particularly if it is information tied to intellectual property, financials, sensitive files, critical infrastructure or political leverage – then cybercriminals will identify, target and ruthlessly attack.

And no matter what size your organisation, defending against such threats is tough. Skilled staff are expensive, and complex security solutions can be costly and difficult to implement and manage. Vulnerabilities are everywhere. So, in a fast-changing landscape, how do you manage daily threats – and the growing sophistication of these attacks – to mitigate the risk to your business? That is what we are here to discuss.

How do you protect credentials and data from malicious attack? How do you better understand your risk profile and keep abreast of a rapidly changing threat landscape? And how do you stay ahead in the cyber arms race on limited budgets with limited resources, and provide justification for continued security spend in your organisation? Join us on this Meet the Boss virtual roundtable to find out.

Discussion Points

  • How many different layers of security are necessary to address today’s cyber threats?
  • How are you managing the increased security risk of a mobile, BYOD environment?
  • How would you simplify your security management but maintain visibility into your security?
  • What is your weakest link and how do you mitigate/manage against it?
Adam Burns
Adam Burns
Editor-in-chief and Presenter at MeetTheBoss TV