Are you maximising your CEO + CIO relationship?

CEO and CIO: navigators of digital change within the 4th industrial revolution

April 17, 2019 10:00 am GMT

We lead (and live) in a unique time. Welcome to the 4th industrial revolution, where evolutions in business that may have taken 50 years happen in five, and what took five years happens in five months. Companies are transforming, yet two things remain the same: according to Gartner’s recent CEO Survey, growth and profit are still the number-one priorities. The question is: has how we achieve them also changed?

To find out, Forbes, together with Dell EMC and Intel, surveyed 461 executives from a range of large organisations in a variety of industries. One result is clear… for transformation to succeed, a strong collaboration between CEOs and CIOs is critical.

CIOs that establish good collaboration with the CEO are:
* 5X more likely to focus IT transformation goals
* 2X more likely to increase sales and profits
* 2X more likely to see significant improvement in competitive position

These CEOs and CIOs are the connected leaders. Together, they communicate their vision more clearly, and more effectively connect the dots between the business and IT, between stakeholder and customer. They also have different priorities and different investment plans. Connected leaders are 5X more likely to be focused on customer experience, and 1.6X more likely to see reduced costs. Connected CEOs and CIOs are the best navigators of digital change.

Are you a connected leader? What are their key strategies and tactics? How are you maximising your own CEO/CIO relationship?

Join five other business, information and technology leaders on this unique virtual roundtable to identify and explore how you take your organisation to the next level, challenge your ideas of effective collaboration, and discuss how you better align IT and business for success in 2019 and beyond.

Discussion Points

  • How are you creating and enabling a connected, collaborative leadership team? How do you connect this to your workforce? What does best practice actually look like?
  • If every company is becoming a technology company, what does this mean for the CIO and CEO partnership? How can you make it stronger and more effective?
  • Security is becoming increasingly vital, for customers, employees and IP. Can the CEO+CIO partnership turn a traditional roadblock into a competitive advantage?
Adam Burns
Adam Burns
Editor-in-chief and Presenter at MeetTheBoss TV