The way people work is changing. Are you ready for it?

Workforce transformation for the digital age

January 22, 2020 10:00 am GMT

Can your organisation compete in a digital world? How do you redesign delivery models for mobile and cloud technologies? And is your IT environment relevant to the needs of the modern business and its staff?

The consumerisation of IT is challenging organisations like never before. People are used to ubiquitous access to connectivity, services and information – and they increasingly expect that same access, and the greater flexibility it offers, in their work lives too.

In response, many firms have already started a change journey. Almost all organisations are attempting to embrace new technologies, new business models and new ways of working. But getting the roadmap right remains a challenge.

For instance, recent studies have suggested there is a disconnect between what CIOs believe they are delivering, and what employees say their experience is. 44% of millennials think their workspace isn’t smart enough, while 82% say technology influences the job they take. Individual lines of business are increasingly driving IT purchasing decisions in order to get the solutions that best fit those needs. So-called ‘shadow IT’ has gained momentum as the business fights to keep pace with the market and competitors. Complexity abounds.

What does it take to create a flexible mobile experience and at the same time provide the security needed to underpin that? How do you deliver relevant applications and data to any device, anywhere, anytime? What considerations need to be factored in to meet ever-changing user expectations? And how do you bring different stakeholders together to achieve real success?

Join five senior IT executives and thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to sharing best practices around one critical topic: workplace transformation and how to get it right. The way people work is changing. Are you ready for it?

Discussion Points

  • How to build a workplace environment that provides modern business tools and meets the changing needs of a multi-generational workforce.
  • What are the most important IT elements in driving employee engagement and supporting productivity?
  • Who are the most appropriate stakeholders to determine the tools and systems your workforce needs to be productive?
  • Which of these is more effective: incremental changes in ways of working to make use of standard tools? Or longer timeframes and personalised user solutions?
Adam Burns
Adam Burns
Editor-in-chief and Presenter at MeetTheBoss TV
Dee Chury
Industry Expert
Dee Chury
EMEA CTO at Dell Technologies