What is the real role of the finance organisation in transformation?

Creating future-ready organisations through finance

November 27, 2019 10:00 am GMT

As transformational, increasingly rapid forces hit every facet of today’s connected and diverse enterprises, the role of finance leaders has never been more complex and their remit more important.

As finance leaders’ roles and reports stretch to encompass virtually every part of the enterprise, they are looking beyond standard functions such as reporting and closing – onto the future. Future-ready finance, and finance leaders, need to look more to driving business change, supporting changing workforces and driving new skills, enabling operational speed, effectiveness and agility, and drive overall performance and business impact across every silo, interaction and engagement – supporting the whole business to make better decisions, and take more robust action.

In a new research report, Agile Finance, Unleashed: The Key Traits of Digital Finance Leaders, the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and Oracle surveyed 700+ senior finance executives globally to track their progress across key metrics – including adoption of AI, advanced analytics, process automation, and machine learning.

Finance leaders know that digital transformation and emerging technologies are key to achieving operational excellence, digital intelligence, and business influence. Yet only 32% of respondents have made enough progress to be described as digital finance leaders.

What is holding finance back?

Join five senior finance executives and thought leaders on this roundtable discussion as we dedicate 90 minutes to answering one of the most valuable questions in business today: how do we create future-ready organisations through finance?

Discussion Points

  • Role: what skills do you feel are key for CFOs of the future?
  • Remit: how are you changing/planning to change your business model for the future?
  • Resource: what resources are you currently using to meet digital demands?
Adam Burns
Adam Burns
Editor-in-chief and Presenter at MeetTheBoss TV
Jon Whitear
Industry Expert
Jon Whitear
Oracle Financing Lead