How does your business want to work tomorrow?

Collaborative, productive, secure: considering alternative business tools

April 11, 2017 10:00 am GMT

Can your business tools be a catalyst for change? PwC believe so. The multinational professional services network has recently moved to Google’s business suite.

It makes traditional business sense: there are cost savings, productivity gains, and Google shards its data for more effective security. But there’s more…

Internal customers are changing as quickly as external customers. Digital natives demand flexibility and agility. They want a working environment that more closely reflects their digital life: new ways of working and new, more collaborative working tools. The question is not only how does your business want to work tomorrow, but who does your business want to work with?

Join five other senior business executives and thought leaders on this essential roundtable as we talk collaborative, productive, secure: considering alternative business tools and – critically! – providing the support required to make the change globally and at enterprise scale.

Discussion Points

  • Using Google Cloud productivity platform to drive business transformation and improve collaboration and communication
  • Using the most modern work methods and tools to attract and retain talent
  • Overall cost of Service
  • Managing a hybrid environment – using Google with other solutions
Sasha Qadri
Sasha Qadri
Editor and Presenter at GDS Group
Industry Expert
Thomas Hurley
HP SLMS Offering Manager