Turning Digital Marketing on Its Head



MeettheBoss.TV is an established IPTV channel serving over 100,000 senior level executives across the virtual globe. Unveiling exclusive insights from the business arena’s most progressive thought-leaders, MeetTheBoss.TV focuses on delivering the conversations that matter.

For our sponsors, MeetTheBoss roundtables provide the most effective way to become part of that conversation. From our membership database, we qualify the 10 most suitable and engaged executives actively investing in a specific solution area and effecting change within their enterprise.

MeetTheBoss roundtables turn digital marketing on its head. We work on a ‘less is more’ basis – focusing on user profiling in place of generating large numbers of unqualified page views and clicks. We work hard to know our attendees, because only an engaged, open-minded and solution-focused group will add value to a MeetTheBoss roundtable.

How Does It Work?

A member of the MeetTheBoss sponsorship team will discuss key areas of your business before identifying a specification list built around your solution. This information will be used to qualify and target the most suitable candidates to attend a roundtable.

The first phase of the campaign will feature an end-user interview discussing challenges pertinent to your solution – broadcast on MeetTheBoss.TV.

The second phase will feature a one-to-one interview with a representative of your choice, outlining potential solutions to the end-user’s challenges.

The final phase of the campaign will feature two virtual roundtables with five, pre-qualified decision makers present at each – in a user-led discussion focused around your area of expertise.

Strategy Roundtable
23 Oct '14 10:00
Technology Roundtable
05 Nov '14 10:00
Technology Roundtable
19 Nov '14 10:00